Church of the Holy Rood

Church of the Holy Rood

Scottish Episcopal Church, Carnoustie

"Bringing People and God Together"

Our Mission

“Bringing People and God Together”

We want to be “a living and open sign of God’s unconditional love” and welcome you to share our journey of faith, in a space which encourages the spiritual growth of each individual, and the wider community, through worship, fellowship, care and service. 

Holy Rood offers a welcoming and accepting environment, where people can experience God’s unconditional love. Supported by prayer and public worship, people from varied and wide backgrounds can come together to discover God’s love, care and purpose for them, both collectively and individually.  With the power of the Holy Spirit we seek to grow together into the fullness of Christ so that we can serve our surrounding community.  You are welcome to join with us in this journey no matter where you are in your own faith experience. 

We worship the one true God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, revealed to us in the Bible, and professed in the Creeds.  We believe in a loving, redeeming and life-giving God that reached out to the world in love, and came to meet us in his Son.  That through his life, death and resurrection we may be saved and gain access to God.

We are a community which seeks to be supportive of all its members, encouraging all to take an active part in the life of the church as Christ’s body. There is a regular team which undertake pastoral care visits, regular social activities and bible study groups which take place at key points in the year.

We are always looking for new ways to reach out to our local community.  If you have an idea for a new group or would like to use our building for a concert or local community groups, then please do get in touch.