Notices 13th December 2020


13th December : 3rd Sunday in Advent at 10.30 am
Service of Holy Communion with Reserved Sacrament
Led by Grant Wilson

20th December : 4th Sunday in Advent at 10.30 am
Service of Holy Communion Celebrated by Revd Peter Mead

Sunday Services

The phone number to use to book a seat for Sunday’s Service is 07736435539.  We need your name, phone number and how many people you are bringing with you.  This is for Test and Protect purposes. 

Carnoustie Food Bank
Goods always needed, just bring your contributions to the church and they will be delivered to Kirsty MacDonald on a regular basis.  Thank you.

Red Stockings
Don’t forget to return your Red Stockings and help yourself to a new one.  There are Red Stockings available at the back of the church.

This year our Christmas charity appeal will be divided between SECMA, the Scottish Episcopal Church Mission Association and MAGGIE’S SUPPORT GROUP.  Please give generously since no fund raising activities for these worthwhile causes, have been possible this year.  A collection plate will be at the back of the Church for the next week or two.  Thank you. 

Hand Sanitiser is in the pocket at the back of your seat.  Use it before and after Communion.

Christmas Cards

I know that in previous years it has been the practice to put Christmas Cards for friends on the table at the back of the church, but I’m afraid that it won’t be possible to do that this year, because of all the Covid restrictions.  However, you could send your greetings to all the congregation, not individuals, through the Notices.  On the Sunday before Christmas I will do a special list of everyone who gets in touch with me and your special greeting would appear on the list.  I think it is the best we can do.  Phone or text me on, 07403100652 or email to [email protected]  An alternative is to give your local cards to Annedrea  Morton for delivery by the BBs, each card costs 20p.  Or, The Scouts will deliver in Carnoustie and Barry for 25p per card, post in Spar, Boots and other shops.

50 Club Draw

Winners of the December Draw : 1st prize £50 Mike Fitzgerald 2nd Prize £30 Sue McMahon 3rd Prize £20 Edna Boffey

Christmas Draw 1st Prize £100 Isobel McGregor 2nd Prize £60 Amy Wilson 3rd Prize £40 Marjory Shepherd


The telephone Nos. for any emergency: Jean 01241 856800 or 07403100652       Edna 01241 852649 Grant 01241 855988